Other possibilities


Study modules

If you decide to study individual study modules, you can choose from the modules of all the study programmes provided by the University. Choosing of the study module you are interested in allows you to acquire and develop your required competencies and skills, expand or deepen the knowledge in a certain study field during the lectures.

The adults attend the lectures of individual study modules with the University’s students. They make the unclassified student’s learning agreements with the University, take the final assessments and receive the academic transcripts specifying the volume in credits and the evaluation of the completed modules. Moreover, in case of a sufficient number of unclassified students, the University provides a possibility to form a group of unclassified students with a convenient timetable.

Advantages of study modules

A wide choice of study modules
Attending lectures with students
University academic transcript with credits taken
Opportunity to pursue a higher education diploma

A list of the taught study modules is presented for each study programme (Programme > Subjects). The persons who want to study the study modules have to apply to the Study Centre of the respective department.


Additional studies

Additional studies are for the persons who have acquired a professional bachelor’s degree at the college or the bachelor’s degree at the university and aim to study in the master’s (second cycle) studies. The volume and duration of the required additional studies are indicated for each specific master’s study programme. The volume is 30 to 60 study credits and the duration is at least one semester. The persons who hold the bachelor’s degree are admitted to the additional studies. The person is admitted with the status of an unclassified student. After completion of the additional studies, the student receives a certificate providing the right to apply to the master’s studies of the corresponding study field.

Advantages of additional studies

Access to postgraduate study programmes
Attending lectures with students
Wide choice of additional studies
Access to a higher education diploma

Recognition of qualification

If you have at least secondary education, your competencies (acquired in your work activities, non-formal education system for adults, unpaid or voluntary work, traineeships, courses, seminars and projects, via individual learning or in your free time) can be recognised and assessed.

Advantages of recognition of qualification

Appreciation and recognition take place throughout the year
Opportunities to gain evidence of competence
Assessment and validation of specific competences
Access to a higher education diploma

If you submit proof of your knowledge, abilities and skills described in the study module’s results, we will provide you with the credits of the respective study module. The volume of the study credits given during the assessment and recognition of the candidate’s learning achievements cannot exceed 50% of the study programme the candidate intends to study.

The procedure of the assessment and recognition of the learning achievements is conducted during the entire academic year. The duration and volume of the procedure are stipulated before the signing and included in the agreement made with the candidate.

When the candidate’s submitted proof only partially substantiates the study module’s results (competencies), the assessor decides which part of the study subject can be included; additional consultations can be organised at the candidate’s request.

Regarding the assessment of the learning achievements acquired via non-formal and informal education and the recognition of competencies, apply to the Study Centres of the faculties.



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